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C.V Dr. Abdul Jabbar Al Rifai

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    1 - Born in Thiqar ( Nassiriya ) - Iraq in 1954. 2 – Islamic philosophy Ph.D., 2005. 3 - Master of Theology, 1990. 4 - Bachelor of Islamic Studies, 1988. 5 - Diploma in agriculture, 1975. 6 - Get involved in the study of Islamic sciences in the religious school (Hawza) in Najaf in 1978, and attended the study of primates and some of the intermediate level, and then complete the rest of the study of advanced research in the scientific shrine in Qom (Iran). He was a student in logic and grammar, rhetoric and doctrine and in jurisprudence from the premises and intermediate level of the martyr Sheikh Hussein Juda, martyr Sheikh Abdul Amir Al Sadi, Sheikh Ahmad, Sheikh Bahadli Hadi Al-Baqir al-Sheikh Radhi Alaervani Mr. Ahmed Maddi. He studied some abstraction belief in theology at the martyr Mohammed Mohammed Sadeq al-Sadr, and part of the Sabzewaris’ poem (al-mandhuma) Mr. Muslim Al-hili, and beliefs under supervision of Sheikh Ahmed Bahadli in Hawza in Najaf. As well as the beginning of wisdom under supervision Alaervani Baqir. Al-Sheikh and the end of wisdom on Sheikh Gholam Reza Alfayyadi, study al-asfar al-rabaa (the four references) in the session of Sheikh Abdullah Jawadi Amoli at the hawza in Qom. He attended classes and advanced research in the doctrine and in jurisprudence for a period of eight years until scientifically qualified to dispense with tradition and to build on its consideration of the doctrinal inference under the supervision of: Mahmood Hashimi Al-Shahroodi, Sheikh, Muhammad Hussein Waheed Al- Khorasani, Mr. Ahmed Maddi, Sheikh Baqir Alaervani, and Sheikh Mohammed Hadi Al-Radhi. 7- Editor of Islamic magazine as a chief editor for the years 1994-1998. 8 - Issued a "Current Islamic Issues in 1997, chief editor, which is still published in Beirut. Fifty issues were published. 9 - Issued a series book of Contemporary Islamic Issues; hundred books had been published in Beirut; he is currently chairman and editor. 10 - Issued a series of book philosophy of religion and theology; twenty-five books of reference published in Beirut, and is currently chairman editor. 11 - Issued a series of periodical book of culture of tolerance in Baghdad, twelve books were published, and edited by now. 12 - Issued a series of books of philosophy and mysticism in Beirut, which were published, including six books, and edited by now. 13 - A professor of postgraduate studies of philosophy, logic and Islamic theology, jurisprudence and doctrine. 14 - Supervised and discussed more than forty five PhD and MA dissertations in philosophy, theology, jurisprudence, doctrine and Islamic Studies. 15 - Director of Center for Philosophy of Religion Studies in Baghdad. 16 - The director of Dar Al-Tawheed for research, authorship and publishing from 1982 to 1984. 17 - Consultant editor the of Contemporary Awareness magazine in Beirut, Consultant editor of the "Al-hayat Al-taiba magazine" in Beirut, Consultant editor of Contemporary Texts Magazine issued in Beirut, Member of the Editorial Board of "Al-tawheed magazine" in Beirut, Member of the Editorial Board of Islamic Thought in London, Consultant editor "Muqabasat magazine" issued in Baghdad, Editorial Advisor of periodical book series of Islamic monotheism, published by Al- Tawheed Magazine, Consultant editor of Islamic Studies from Bait Al-Hikma in Baghdad and Consultant editor "Madark" magazine in Baghdad. 18 - Multicultural Affairs Adviser in Iraqi, Minister Deputy of the Ministry of Culture, Iraq 2005-2006 28 - Contributed to dozens of conferences, sessions and seminars to provide lectures, researches and studies. 19- Contributed to dozens of conferences ,sessions and seminars to provide lectures ,researches and studies. 20- He was awarded the first prize of the historian Al-alama Hasan Al-Ameen in Beirut for his scientific and cultural efforts in 2003. 21- First prize for book of " Islamic Unity " in Tehran for his efforts of writing ,publishing ,call for unity , live together in the space of diversity and difference, 2005. 22- First prize for two martyrs (Al- Sadrain) on his thesis for a doctorate, participated in the 200 Ph.D. and master's thesis, organized by the Office of the Martyr al-Sadr in Qom, Summer 2009.